On Monday, we designed and created our own fairies. First we used our imaginations to draw faces and outfits, then using our glue spreading and cutting skills, we put all the parts together to make our fairies! Well done P1B they look magical 🙂

Watch out for goblins!

We had another letter from the friendly dragon today and he gave us a mission to make some goblin faces to scare away the fairytale baddies who had escaped from Fairyland. There were were lots of creative ideas using clay and some natural materials in our nature garden – our goblins were very scary!

Tuesday fun

We had a very fun and busy day on Tuesday! We learnt about pancake day, how it is celebrated around the world and used excellent spreading and slicing skills when decorating pancakes. We then enjoyed eating our creations! Later on we had a great time making stretchy or fluffy slime in our science session.