P2C Colour Street Topic

Hello everyone, P2C would like to tell you a little bit about our Street topic. In this topic we explored the different things that make up a community. We wanted to find out what sorts of things are around our school on the street so one of the first things we did was go for a walk around our area. We spotted bus stops, road signs, parking meters, post boxes and lots of houses and shops.

Next we made our very own street and the people and the people who live on it. We each made up a character and became little families on our street which we called Colour Street. At first our street was just a road with nothing on it but we quickly made houses and other buildings to make it busy. We have a vet, a hospital, a museum, a garage, a police station, a library and a fire station.

During our topic one of our characters had a traffic accident and we realised that we needed to make street furniture like traffic lights, zebra crossings and street lights to make it safe for all our community.

We also explored maps and map making as part of our topic. We made maps of our classroom and also Colour Street. Some of us even used Lego to make our maps. The Lego blocks helped us mark out the different types of buildings on our street.

Later we got a letter from the mayor to tell us that they wanted to build a shoe factory on Colour Street. We talked about the good things and the bad things about the factory and we decided that we didn’t want a factory in our community. We were worried about pollution, noise and traffic. We made protest posters with Ms Anstruther and worked in our families to think of other things we could build on the gap site instead of the factory. We made models of our ideas which included schools, play parks, a zoo and an aquarium. We showed the rest of the Colour Street residents our ideas and voted to decide what was the most important thing that Colour Street was missing. The result was a school. We hope that the mayor will listen and build a school for our community.

We enjoyed our Street topic and we’re looking forward to starting our next one and finding out lots about Space.

This week our bloggers were Alba and Ben.

P2C’s Marvellous Chickens

P2C recently read “George’s Marvellous Medicine” by Roald Dahl. In the book George makes a marvellous medicine which makes his grumpy grandma grow very tall. After super-sizing many of the animals on his farm George then tries to recreate the medicine, making different batches and testing it out on chickens. Different things happen to the chickens: the first grows very big, the second gets extra long legs, the third’s neck gets longer and the fourth shrinks to a tiny size.

We really enjoyed the book and we decided to make our own chickens to decorate our classroom.

First we painted some paper with lots of different patterns like swirls and stripes. Then we drew our chickens on white paper, cut out feathers from our painted paper and made some marvellous collaged chickens.

Some wild things have happened to P2C’s chickens, just like George’s. For example one chicken has a huge head, one has turned into a square and one has a green neck! There are chickens with long necks, legs and tails, and of course they are all very colourful thanks to our painted feathers. We think all of them look great and they brighten up our classroom.

We hope you like them too. From P2C 🙂

Each week two pupils will be in charge of helping to write a blog post and take photographs for it. This week’s bloggers were Merryn and Cora.


On Monday, we designed and created our own fairies. First we used our imaginations to draw faces and outfits, then using our glue spreading and cutting skills, we put all the parts together to make our fairies! Well done P1B they look magical 🙂