Remote Learning 2021

Remote Learning grids have been created by City of Edinburgh Council. These grids should be used to support Remote Learning in the event that your child is having to isolate. They are available below as Word documents to download or pdf files to view.

Sports Day Prep

It was a real treat getting to do PE with 3B today. Everyone worked really well in their house groups to complete the 4 stations. Lots of cheering and encouragement went on, along with a healthy bit of competition! The class can’t wait for Sports Day on June 1st.

P3B are Artists

We are coming to the end of our Elements of Art topic and it has been a total joy to see the children experimenting with different types of art using a variety of materials.

This week we finished our learning about Form by creating our own 3D models out of clay. We quickly learned that we had to work fast with the clay to stop it drying out and there were a few casualties along the way (models not children!).

This afternoon we also enjoyed our final ‘free art’ session. The children could pick with materials they wanted to use to create their own special art work. There was a mix of oil pastels, paints, sketching pencils and pens used. It was so great to see the children applying some of the skills they have learned into their final pieces.

We loved that they were all so unique! Enjoy having a look at some of our creations.


3B have been focusing on playscripts in Literacy recently. They have been getting to know the structure of them by reading them and this week they wrote their own! In groups the children created the script using post it notes to show the different speaking parts. They added in scene numbers, setting descriptions and even narrators to build the plot and storyline. It was wonderful to feel the excitement and buzz in the room as they worked together. Here are some photos of the creative process ✏️

Elements of Art – Form

This week we are focusing on Form in our art topic. Yesterday we looked at how to make 2D shapes look 3D. Today we focused on using various fastenings to turn flat pieces of cardboard into interesting 3D creations. I was super impressed with all the problem solving and creativity. Great work 3B!

Potatoes part 2

The children had a great time today planting the potatoes they had previously selected before the Easter break. They worked in groups to prepare the soil, plant their potato and then water it. Look out for their pondering poses when standing back and thinking about if their potato was in a suitable place to grow!


Today 3B enjoyed getting outdoors to do some sketching. We have been looking at space as part of our Elements of Art topic and what better way to take in space than the Meadows right on our doorstep! The children considered perspective and space when sketching out the beautiful blossom trees. It was lovely to be outdoors and to be able to have parent volunteers accompanying us again 😊

P3A Perspective Drawing in the Meadows

We had such a lovely time looking at the meadow pathways and the beautiful cherry blossom trees whilst trying to think about perspective and space when we are creating art. The class were really focused and I look forward to seeing what they produce.

Elements of Art – Space

This week’s art focus was on space. How to create space in a piece of art using different techniques. We enjoyed looking at examples of art and how the artist created space in both 2D paintings and 3D sculptures. We then got the sketching pencils out to practise some of the techniques. I was really impressed, P3b are a group of budding artists!


We have started learning about Time this week in Primary 3. We spent time in the playground on Monday estimating how long it would take us to complete tasks. Then, using the stopwatches on the iPad we timed each other to see how close we were to our estimations. Lots of great group and partner work, well done!